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Sophia Pearl & Crystal Luxury Bridal Garter Set

Sophia Pearl & Crystal Luxury Bridal Garter Set

Wedding Garters

During wedding ceremonies, bride’s dressing makes the occasion perfect with a variety of fashion styles. One of the most important wear during wedding ceremonies for the bride is the wedding garter. Always hidden under the wedding gown where the groom will retrieve it then toss it to the single men at the wedding reception area. The wedding day has many activities and tossing of the garter being one of them. This activity, therefore, makes the wedding garter important attire during the ceremony. At, there are a variety of wedding garters with emphasis on crystal garters, rhinestone embellished garters and delicate lace garters.

Garter Selection & History

Selection factor of a wedding garter depends on the wedding theme of the wedding. For instance, a modern bride can consider our Emily Garter to complete her outfit. So the appropriate bride’s garter goes hand in hand with the color of the wedding dress. The history dates back to ancient times when some superstitions were tied to their wearing. Ancient people associate wedding garters to the perfect occasion and good luck during the wedding day. Any member of a family, friends, and single men at the occasion could get a garter for a proof of consummation of the newlywed couple.

How to Wear Your Garter

Wedding garters have no specific leg to wear it on. You may choose to wear it on the right or left leg as there is no specification. They serve as a holder for holding bride’s stockings on her leg. With the preference of the couple, some choose to wear two, one for tossing and the other for keeping to remember their special day. It is, hence, a vital thing for the couples to know exactly where the tossing garter is for easy retrieval during the tossing. The best place to wear it is 5 inches above the knee to avoid it being too high or too low. If you find it uncomfortable to wear it above the knee, you can choose your location of preference to avoid being low or high.

During the wedding day, you may take photos with the dress revealing your beautiful crystal garter. Unique bridal garters offered at will stand out in your photos. Our bridal wedding garters come in two sets; one simple, and the other embroiled with love. The colors and design do match to avoid mixed coloration. Available in many material ranging from satin, silk, and lace. Comfort ability of the silk and satin makes them of preference with laces adds to the beauty of the bride’s dressing. Visit for a variety of crystal wedding garters for your wedding day.

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