Beautiful and traditional boudoir wedding garter set

Beautiful and traditional boudoir wedding garter set Boudoir can be goth and dark and sexy. But also, boudoir can be light and traditional. A boudoir wedding garter can change in many ways. Depending on your wedding theme, you can have a boudoir wedding garter to match. Classic boudoir wedding garter set A classic wedding usually includes […]

Boudoir Garter is the Sexy and Powerful Choice

Sexy and powerful boudoir garter A boudoir is traditionally a French style room private to only a woman. It has since evolved into a sexy garment used in the everyday night time or wedding garters. Boudoir photography usually has a heavy filter and an erotic pose. The idea of the boudoir photo shoot is to […]

Where to Use a Blue Wedding Garter

Where to use a blue wedding garter Blue is a beautiful colour that captures the attention of so many people. Blue themed weddings are gentle and fun. A blue wedding garter can connect with a multitude of different themes. Blue has so many different uses in a wedding and adding blue to your garter can […]

What to do with Your Wedding Garter Set

What to do with your Wedding Garter Set A wedding garter set will include the main garter and a toss garter. This toss garter is essential to the garter throw because if you don’t have one, you’re throwing the main garter. And after seeing the garters at, tossing one of those masterpieces would bring […]

A unique wedding garter for a unique couple

A unique wedding garter for a unique couple Everyone is unique in their own special way. Often times in a wedding, a couple will want to express their uniqueness. Buying a unique wedding garter can help express yourself and tie your wedding theme together. Some people are more outgoing and colourful, and some people are […]