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Chloe Swarovski Crystal Tulle Wedding Garter Set

Chloe Swarovski Crystal Tulle Wedding Bridal Garter Set

Tips on the Bridal Garter

Weddings are an important part of our lives. Some people only get to do it once, so it is important they get it right. With this in mind, it is not hard to ignore that the smallest details of the big day are the ones that should be considered. you may have had it all planned out but just incase you get the color of the gown wrong, or the garter, people will remember your wedding based on that one little mistake. So, here is how to ensure you get the bridal garter right.

Bridal Garter Traditions

Traditionally, the garter is a piece of bridal fashion, worn by the bride, and removed by the groom. Centuries ago, the people who had come to the wedding all wanted a piece of marital luck by tearing at pieces of the gown. However, the garter has become the piece of good luck that people get to keep, especially the men.

Bridal Garter Location Location Location

Although it is commonly worn on the right leg, there is no set of rules that say this is a must.  Some brides would rather wear it their left leg. As a bride, go with whatever leg that makes you feel good and look nice in photos.  Ensure you are not uncomfortable during your own wedding.

There is also no tradition that defines who should do the buying of the garter. However, we know men are not entirely geniuses on the gift selection hence there’s some doubt they will be better at the garter selection. The bride knows where her preferences lie so it is okay if she wants to do the shopping herself. She can also enlist the help of her gown designer, or the people at the shop where she will buy her gown.

Bridal Garter Selection & Shop

The internet also offers some pretty good garter ideas so you can surf around until you find something that you like. If not, there are people who have them custom made to their liking. You can do the same at

The paramount part of garter selection is the material. Some people’s skins react to some clothing material and even a material that is smooth can be poorly made. In this case, ensure you select the material personally.

Bridal Garter + Toss Garter

The bride will also have to decide whether she wants both the toss wedding garter and the bridal garter. At  each order will include a complimentary toss garter.  The toss will be taken off at the wedding and thrown at the bachelors, while the bridal one will be a part of the first couple’s night together. The garter is a symbol of sensuality so ensure the piece chosen depicts just that. The toss moment is one of the most discussed so ensure it is worth the discussion. Positively.

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