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Toss Garters

The wedding garter dates back to the 14th century and its origin and tradition was much different than it is today. Read on to find out these interesting about toss garters and check out some hand-picked wedding garters crafted by GlamGarters.

Traditions & Toss Garters

The wedding garter toss is said to be one of the oldest wedding traditions. The tradition dates back to 14th century in Europe when guests believed the bride’s dress was good luck. In a most ridiculous way, guests would start yanking at fabric pieces from her dress to keep pieces of good luck. To defend herself, the bride would throw things at them, one of these things being her garter. Hence, the tradition was born. Luckily, guests no longer pull at the bride’s dress — considering that some dresses today cost more than a car.

The bridal party used to participate in a strange version of the garter toss. In the Dark Ages the bridal party would wait outside the wedded couple’s bedroom after the ceremony. Once, the bride removed the garter, the bridal party would take turns throwing the garter at the groom. Whomever hit the groom’s nose with the garter was deemed the next to marry.

Traditionally, the wedding garter is worn on the right leg. However, you can wear is on either leg, whichever is most comfortable. If the bride decides to wear a toss garter it is worn along with the bridal garter. This makes it easy for tossing during the reception. The bridal garter is removed later during the honeymoon night and can be kept as a memento.

Toss Garters on your Wedding Day

The groom tosses the wedding garter to unmarried men and the one who catches it is said to marry next. The man who catches the wedding garter also shares a dance with the woman who catches the bride’s bouquet. In centuries past, the man who caught the toss garter was said to wear it on his hat until he met a woman whom he loved. To which he would gift the wedding garter as good luck. Today, the man who catches the wedding garter tends to drink, dance, and wear the garter around his head like a headband.

The wedding garter has once been known as a survival tool. Guests believed accessories by the bride such as fabric from her dress, stockings, and her garter possessed good luck from the bride on her wedding day. While being rushed to the altar, while guests stampede behind to grab some good luck, the bride would toss the garter to the mob to prevent being trampled.

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