A unique wedding garter for a unique couple

Chloe Swarovski Crystal Tulle Wedding Garter Set

Chloe Unique Swarovski Crystal Tulle Wedding Garter Set

A unique wedding garter for a unique couple

Everyone is unique in their own special way. Often times in a wedding, a couple will want to express their uniqueness. Buying a unique wedding garter can help express yourself and tie your wedding theme together. Some people are more outgoing and colourful, and some people are more introverted and calm. Either way, everyone will always want the garter of their dreams.

Unique wedding garter for the outgoing

Every couple is different from the next, in many ways. It’s not exactly about what you enjoy, but more how you express your love for it. Some people are more excited about what they love than others, and it really is only a matter of personality. The types of personalities that outwardly enjoy what they do will often be more extroverted and expressive.

A unique wedding garter for a couple like this would be bright, flashy and possibly jeweled. At, there are garters that fit this personality type well. Fashionably bedazzled and maybe even intimidating jeweled garters. Sometimes colour can change. Mostly likely for this personality type the colours will be warm colours, and bright. Bright yellow, orange and red are the most outgoing. Deep purple sometimes too because of its richness and its uniqueness.

Unique wedding garter for the introverted

Just because you do not outwardly show your interests and personality, does not make you any less unique. An introverted personality type is usually soft, gentle, and calm. Often good listeners, sometimes a quiet introvert will pair well with an outgoing extrovert. Whatever the case, and introverted wedding garter would possibly be made of soft tulle, with pastel colours.

The tulle in a garter gives off a fairytale, gentle feeling. The tulle garters at are soft and beautiful. The most common colours for garters are white, ivory and sometimes baby blue. These colours are classic wedding colours, but if you don’t feel they are right for your, that is ok! For an introverted person, the most commonly used colours would be soft purple, blue, white and sometimes pink. These colours show a gentle, caring side to a person. The feeling people get seeing soft colours like these is usually comfort.

Your wedding is all about you, and having the absolute best garter to fit your personality is important. Always remember that even if you are an introverted person or an outgoing person, your wedding is yours to create. The types of garter and the colour of your garter is totally up to you. After all, it is your own unique wedding.

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