Where to Use a Blue Wedding Garter

Where to use a blue wedding garter

Blue is a beautiful colour that captures the attention of so many people. Blue themed weddings are gentle and fun. A blue wedding garter can connect with a multitude of different themes. Blue has so many different uses in a wedding and adding blue to your garter can tie in the theme of your wedding perfectly.

A blue and white wedding garter

Blue comes in many hues, including a light baby blue. This blue pairs with white beautifully. Imagine a beautiful venue with round tables and white tablecloth dancing around the room. The napkins are a light blue and the plates are pure white. There is a tall thin vase at the center of every table, with blue flowers spilling over the edge. After everything has finished the bride sits and lifts her pearl white dress, exposing her blue wedding garter. The soft blue does not seem stark or bold under the white. Your skin tone compliments the pair, and when it’s time to toss, you thank for adding a matching toss garter. To throw a masterpiece would break your heart. If this is the style you are going for, a blue wedding garter is perfect.

The seaside wedding + a blue wedding garter

Having an outdoor wedding on the side of a body of water, a blue garter is important. The beauty of the water needs to complement with the right colours. For the green grass or trees, or maybe golden sand, light blue is exactly what you need. Going for colours that are all neutral with only shades of black white and grey can work for indoor beauty, but not always outdoors. Although, when you are in a natural beauty, colours need to be toned down. Having a light blue with whites and maybe greys would compliment the water but also not drown any other natural colour. For a wedding with a boating or sailor theme, however, deep blue would work better. The deep blue is a more common colour in sailor themes, paired with white and red.

Blue in your dress and wedding garter

Blue can feature in your dress as well as your garter. At, a blue ribbon is an option to add to your garter. This can also add to your dress, to tie them together. Figuratively. Having a touch of blue on your dress and your wedding garter would not need to add to your theme at all. Blue can be used in many different ways, making it suitable for weddings.

A blue wedding garter can be used in your wedding, regardless of theme and place. The way you use your blue wedding garter is completely up to you. Your wedding should always be your day, and you can have your blue wedding garter however you want.

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