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Stephanie Rhinestone Crystals Bridal Garter Set

Stephanie Rhinestone Crystals Bridal Wedding Garter Set

Wedding Garter & Bridal Attire

An amazing wedding garter is key requirement for the bride’s attire on her wedding day. Bridal attire makes can make most the wedding day beautifully memorable for years to come. Have you ever wondered a wedding ceremony with the best attire of your preference? Bridal garters are always placed in a hidden place away from the public. The bride groom will retrieve it during the garter tossing time and toss it to the men at the reception.

A wedding garter selection considers some factors like the couple’s preference or the wedding theme chosen by the wedding committee. There are a variety of wedding garters coming in different design styles to the particular occasion. Choosing the right design for your wedding day is the most important thing to do. Your wedding garter will add to the creation of a vibrant wedding. In the pre colonial years, people preferred bridal garters attaching them to some beliefs like lucky and happiness in marriage. These beliefs are fading today, but some wedding parties still considers them in wedding day preparations.

Wedding Garter Toss

The garter removal is the duty of the groom and is mostly done in front of guests and witnesses. This removal is followed by the tossing of the garter to the single men at the occasion. Many couples prefer having two garters where one is tossed to the single men while the other is kept by the couples as a memento. To avoid confusion during the garter removal, the groom has to know the exact location of the garter.

Wedding Garter Location

Bridal garters are always tied on the legs of the bride. Most of our garter at Glam Garters offer the option of a satin ribbon to tie the garter, for example the Emily Garter. Depends on how you feel comfortable, garters can be tied to the knee or anywhere that’s easy to retrieve. Your garter location should not be too high past the knee, this avoids too much exposure. Additionally, it should also not be too low to avoid being seen by the guest before the tossing time. Couples that prefer two garters should know the location of the different garters. The groom should know which leg has the tossing garter and which leg has the one for their remembrance.

Above all, the groom should be aware which leg has the garter for easy retrieval. There is no particular leg for placing the wedding garter. You may choose left or right depending on your preference.  There are some bridal garter and sets of garters designs to choose from the variety. Prices of wedding garters to are fairly priced therefore easily incorporated into your wedding day budget. At Glam Garters, we offer a variety of fancy wedding garters to choose from to increase the perfection of your wedding ceremony.

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