What to do with Your Wedding Garter Set

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What to do with your Wedding Garter Set

A wedding garter set will include the main garter and a toss garter. This toss garter is essential to the garter throw because if you don’t have one, you’re throwing the main garter. And after seeing the garters at, tossing one of those masterpieces would bring a woman to tears.

What to do with a Toss Garter

The toss garter should be on the same leg as your main garter. It is absolutely essential to tell your partner which leg it is going to be on for the smoothest toss. The garter toss can be a delicate process. Depending on how comfortable you are with your family and friends, it is up to you to place the garters as high or low as you want. Also, with the main garter, you may want to place it higher if you do not want your family and friends to see it. If you do, place it lower. A nice shot your photographer may ask if you would like is the garter show. You would be lifting your dress to reveal your garter. Usually for this shot people will have their garter just above the knee, without the toss garter.

Catcher of the Wedding Garter

With your wedding garter set, you will have a toss garter. The toss garter is essentially the groom’s equivalent of the bride’s bouquet toss. Whoever catches the garter, is to marry to the person who caught the bouquet. Although that is just tradition, it can be messed with during the after party. You could make this tradition known to your guests before the tosses begin. They could then joke around at the after party about it. In the best case scenario, two people who are in a serious relationship could catch them (maybe with some help from the other guests)

Where does your Wedding Garter Set Go

Depending on your preferences, you may ask for the toss garter back, or they may give it back to you. Regardless, after your wedding is over and you wake up the next morning, what do you do with it? Usually, people will keep it in a little box or case, or even out in the open. You can store it with your dress, or on your dresser, or wherever you like. There are some traditions where the garter handed down to your daughter, and her daughter and so on. The wedding garter set at are durable enough to do so with. This all depends on your personal preferences.

Your wedding garter set is yours and can use however you like. There are no rules to wedding garters, besides the ones laid down by your grandparents. Your wedding is your special day, and your wedding garter set is your special wedding garter set.

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