Wedding Garter & Toss Garter 101

Sophia Pearl & Crystal Luxury Bridal Garter Set

Sophia Pearl & Crystal Luxury Bridal Garter Set

The Wedding Garter 101

A wedding is a beautiful event that requires the precision and planning that will make it the success it is intended to be. Every small detail is worth being considered to ensure that everything falls in place on the big day. While the bride can hire a catering company to deal with food and a planner to take care of the location and other details, the bride is in charge of selecting her inner particulars, in this case, the garter. The bride can also hire the person in charge of making the gown or that of the shop where you will buy a good wedding garter. You can also visit premier garter shops such as  to purchase unique garters. You can then be able to select one that will suit you fine.

Wedding Garter Traditions

Traditionally, the garter is an item that the bride wears and then tosses it at the congregation that has gathered at the wedding for good luck. In the olden days, people at the wedding generally used to tear at the pieces of the gown for good luck, bit today, the classy garter has become the good luck charm.

In some traditions, the bridesmaid even waited outside the couple’s room for the item to throw at the groom. However today it is an integral part of the wedding ceremony. Since it is done in public, it is important that the piece chosen is presentable. Traditionally, it is worn on the right leg, so ensue that you try it out on the right leg. However, this is not standard as people have different levels of comfort so if the left leg is what will make you comfortable, go for it.

Wedding Garter & Toss Garter

Note that there is the bridal garter and the toss garter. As the bride, you will have to decide whether you want both or just one. The toss bridal garter is used at the wedding, tossed to the unmarried men by the groom. On the other hand, the bridal garter is removed on the night of the honeymoon.  Make the choice of the garters you want and then you can decide whether you want both.

When selecting a garter, select something that is classy and beautiful. It is a small piece of fashion, so ensure you select something good. Do not choose lace for something that will be in such contact with your skin. It will be irritating and it will eat at you the whole day. You will be so uncomfortable you will wish for the day to end. Choose a smooth material like satin, which will feel like second skin.

The garter is a symbol of love and beauty so shop around a little until you find something that appeals to you. Look around the internet and shops until you find it. Visit for a unique selection of wedding garters. You will know it when you see it.

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